More about pluggz

Most of us experience a wonderful feeling when we walk barefoot on the grass or plant our feet in the sand. And there is a compelling, scientific reason why. It’s because when our bodies make direct contact with the ground, this allows for the flow of the earth's beneficial and free energy, called electrons, in to our bodies. When this happens, we become grounded. Grounding, also called earthing, is one of the most amazing health re-discoveries of our time.

What pluggz do...

Pluggz are grounding shoes; also called earthing shoes. What they do is very simple. Every pair naturally reconnects you to the abundance of the earth’s free energy that lies right beneath your feet. This happens when you walk directly on the ground – whether it is grass, soil, sand, gravel, stone, unsealed tiles, brick… and for all you city dwellers, happily concrete sidewalks, too. So, you can easily get grounded every day without having to go barefoot, regardless of where you live geographically or what season is upon you.

There is also a great deal of substantiating research behind the beneficial effects of grounding and earthing. Science has shown that we have too many free radicals floating around in our bodies and these can cause discomfort, pain, inflammation, listlessness and wreak all other sorts of havoc on our systems. Most of us are deficient in electrons as a result of modern living and the 24/7 times. When electrons are restored to your body, reports are this can make you feel more balanced, revitalized, less stressed – dare we say even happier, often contributing to a positive outlook. Becoming more electron nourished helps to neutralize the harmful free radicals and aids in healing from the inside out. Fortunately for humanity, the earth has an inexhaustible amount of electrons stored inside its vault. All we have to do is connect and make direct contact with the earth. This is what pluggz enables you to do – and fashionably so.

How pluggz work...

Every pair of pluggz grounding and earthing shoes – women’s ballet flats, loafers and flip flops, and men’s flip flops, contains soft black plugs made from a custom-formulated carbon and rubber compound that sit under the weight bearing part of your feet. Pluggz proprietary technology is carefully engineered and designed in to the insoles of all shoes to simply conduct the flow of the earth’s electrons in to your body every time you take a step on the ground. When this happens, you get grounded effortlessly.
Most contemporary footwear on the market interferes with the absorption of the earth’s natural energy in to your body and creates a barrier to the absorption of these restorative electrons. The majority of shoes today have soles constructed with synthetic materials. They are insulators and not conductors and they cut off any flow of the earth’s energy in to your body. What pluggz do is the opposite. The round black plug in the front part of all pluggz grounding shoes and earthing shoes, is located in your foot’s metatarsal area -- the weight bearing part of your foot, or the ball of your foot. This area is reported to be the most sensitive part of your foot and one of the best gateways in to your body. This flow of this revitalizing energy through your feet naturally gives your body what it needs to help heal itself from the inside out and foster the return to a more normalized body state.

How pluggz make you feel...

When you first wear your pair of pluggz, you might feel a small sensation coming from the ball of your foot. This is our plug going to work. Or, you may feel nothing at all as the earth’s energy is subtle. This should be of no concern because our plug is still going to work, regardless. From the first moment you make direct contact with the ground, your body is benefitting. As time goes on and you wear pluggz grounding shoes and earthing shoes more, you may start to feel what many other pluggz wearers have reported: more energized a sense of overall well-being, more balanced and calmer, or fewer aches and pains. Many feel all of the above.
All pluggz grounding shoes and earthing shoes are made of high quality, comfortable rubber and this makes for a soft, light step. Every pair has arches for support and heels padded with cushy memory foam, with insole mesh linings fabricated with moisture wicking, anti-microbial fibers for additional comfort. And one more integral feature is that all pluggz have what is classically called a trampoline heel. This is a cut- away in the heel which is structurally detailed to help keep your heel bone, called the calcaneus bone, stable. Many have reported the benefit of relief from nagging back aches, even when indoors; as a result of this deliberate design.
And, each time you purchase a pair of pluggz you’ll feel good knowing that a portion of the proceeds goes towards supporting inspiring organizations dedicated to improving the health and wellness for people of all ages. So you see, pluggz are more than good-looking shoes. They are good-looking shoes, that make you feel good and that do well in the world all at the same time.