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You asked…we listened! We’re excited to now offer a wonderful “grounding mat” from Ground Therapy Center, created by the inspirational earthing/grounding pioneer, Clint Ober.

It’s the perfect accessory for your pluggz! Now you can also stay grounded when indoors in addition to walking outside on the ground – grass, sand, soil, brick & stone walkways, concrete floors and yes, city sidewalks.

It’s simple to use. Just snap the cord into the mat on the black side (this is the conductive side that should be face up). Insert the grounding tip at the end of the cord into the grounding port in a wall socket (this is the single hole under the two openings above). Then put it under your feet wearing pluggz grounding footwear. You can also make direct contact with the mat from bare skin. You’re now grounded!

There is a wall tester included too, so you can test your wall outlet to make sure there is a good connection (all modern buildings are very well grounded).

Mat is made of 100% conductive carbon leatherette. Our kit includes mat, wall tester and cord, along with Earthing book and refreshing foot Spritz. Mat Dimensions: 12.5” x 38.75”. Made in U.S.A.

Questions about the Grounding Mat? help@groundtherapycenter.com
Questions about pluggz? customercare@pluggz.com