Pluggz Story

Pluggz shoes were inspired by a series of remarkable discoveries -- or better said, re-discoveries, by many highly regarded scientists, inventive explorers and researchers. Contemporary innovations soon followed. Among the pioneers to the field is Clinton Ober who explains grounding, also known as earthing, in his book, Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever! He describes it as the process by which direct electrical contact is made with the earth neutralizing excess positive charges in one’s body. This reduction is beneficial and supports a more normalized healthy body state.
Ever since the proliferation of modern synthetically soled footwear, people have increasingly noticed the feelings of well-being when they walk barefoot on the earth. There are reasons and they are scientific and physiological. Pluggz were created to enable us to have these same grounding benefits when wearing shoes during our everyday lives when we make direct contact with the ground. In addition they were engineered for support and lasting comfort and purposely crafted to be very flattering as well. We don’t go barefoot as a way of life anymore and in certain geographies and urban areas, it is challenging to ever go barefoot even for short spans of time.
Scientists from around the world investigated why direct contact with the ground is so good for us. Simply put, all chemistry is based on the movement of electrons, and when there are shortages of electrons, our chemistry is negatively affected. Grounding immediately restores electrons to our bodies. We all have heard about Vitamin D deficiency. Well, when we are not grounded, most of us suffer from electron deficiency.
Early on in human evolution our internal electrical homeostasis was maintained by simple barefoot contact with the earth. The planet beneath our feet acted as a vast “buffer” or charge reservoir that stabilized our inner electrical environment to optimize our body functions. Most modern shoes today insulate us and disconnect us from the earth’s positive resources. The result - internal electrical imbalances which compromise our health. To feel our best we need to connect with the earth as much as we can. We need to get grounded as much as possible.
Pluggz shoes are what are called “conductive”. All have a custom formulated carbon and rubber plug embedded in to their soles which enable wearers to connect to the earth when they make direct contact with the ground. This includes grass, sand, soil, unsealed tile/stones, gravel, concrete; that’s many a city sidewalk. Among the remarkable benefits of being grounded is the reduction of inflammation, increased circulation and normalization of blood pressure. And there are many more, all contributing to a healthier state of well-being.
Further, research from around the world has correlated inflammation with virtually every chronic disease. According to James Oschman, PhD, a renown biophysicist and researcher, “grounding and earthing is as important for our health as sunshine and good nutrition”. Recent studies have also shown that being grounded reduces blood viscosity. This is vital because every aspect of cardiovascular disease, the number killer worldwide, has been correlated with increased blood viscosity. Wearing Pluggz and getting grounded enables people to benefit from the amazing restorative natural energy of the earth.
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