About Us

LiSTEN Brands Inc. is an innovative enterprise created in response to the needs of today’s more health-conscious and informed customers. The company manufactures, markets and distributes natural products that promote health, vitality, and enhance overall well-being.
Featured offerings include a distinct line of comfort wear, debuting with an exclusive line of casual, fashionable and lifestyle footwear under the brand name pluggz, which is embedded with a proprietary “grounding” technology. This technology grounds the person wearing the footwear to the earth which creates the powerful benefit of reducing inflammation in the body by restoring electrons to a more balanced state. “As styles have evolved throughout the centuries, the mostly synthetic materials that are used in today’s footwear break the flow of the natural energy between the earth and our bodies” explains founder and CEO of LiSTEN Brands, Sharon Whiteley. “As soon as I understood this connection, the product created itself for me. I simply could not resist the inspiration to create a revolutionary new brand of footwear based on these natural and undeniable principles”.
Whiteley is a past-proven, serial entrepreneur with a talent for recognizing emerging consumer trends and a penchant for aligning her business interests with her personal values of nurturing human potential and promoting positivity and wellness. She founded LiSTEN Brands Inc. in 2011 to create innovative, leading edge products that enhance people’s overall wellbeing. The idea for pluggz came to her at a health and wellness conference she attended where she learned about the effects of our separation from nature in modern society and the scientific positive findings associated with being grounded. Whiteley and she boasts -- “an amazing team of the best and the brightest in their areas of domain expertise” -- passionately engaged together and brought the company to life in the Spring of 2012.
LiSTEN is also a company with a mission to inform, educate and inspire others who choose to live balanced and healthy lives. Towards this end, the company is embarking on a multimedia approach to fulfilling these values by producing videos, articles and mobile apps; to participating in innovative health & wellness forums and premiere trade events; and to donating to leading edge, not for profit organizations dedicated to research and initiatives focused on promoting healthy living.