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Versatile styling for office or casual, in a wide range of suedes and wovens.
Sorry - Not all sizes available in all styles

Pluggz woven loafers in Black/White Houndstooth Pluggz woven loafers in Black/Brown Herringbone Pluggz woven loafers in Black/White Herringbone
Pluggz woven loafers in grey diagonal Pluggz Womens Blue Denim Loafers Pluggz woven loafers in Navy & Tan Check
Pluggz woven loafers in beige diagonal Pluggz woven loafers in Grey Flannel Pluggz womens loafers in Ocean Blue
Pluggz womens loafers in red Pluggz womens loafers in emerald green Pluggz womens loafers in olive
Pluggz womens loafers in wine Pluggz womens loafers in Navy Blue Pluggz womens loafers in black

You’ll adore our feminine slip-on earthing shoes with a sassy, tailored edge. Pluggz grounding Loafers come in brilliant suedes and distinctive woven fabrics that will accessorize a business suit or rev up your denim casuals. Plush jewel-tone suedes and textured patterns with contrasting trim create a signature look. All grounding Loafers have our proprietary pluggz technology™ designed into comfortable, slip-resistant rubber soles for grounding yourself. Handmade with padded memory foam arches and heels, moisture wicking, anti-microbial lining that breathes, along with our signature trampoline heel™, our earthing shoes provide enviable support and comfort. Get your energy from the ground up in full and half sizes 6-10 and size 11.