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Change Your Shoes, Change Your Life.

Just for men: Pluggz casual, comfy ZEUS Suede Drivers in "go-to" black or rich, earthy brown. Look good, feel good while grounding yourself with our new men’s earthing shoes in a soft, comfy suede with decorative stitching. These hand-constructed grounding shoes feature pluggz newest technology for earthing and grounding benefits, which enables the flow of the earth’s energy into your body. The six conductive treads on the outer sole are made of a proprietarily formulated carbon and rubber compound which enables the flow of the earth’s natural energy into the body. The moisture wicking, anti-microbial insoles inside the shoe are cemented into the shoe with conductive glue and work with the strategically placed silver plated conductive stitching which is produced in a pattern that allows the foot to remain grounded throughout the entire time the foot is directly on the ground. Cushy memory foam insole provides additional comfort. Get your energy from the ground up in Men’s full and half sizes 8-12 and size 13.