“REALLY, How so”? This is sometimes the query we get when we talk about Pluggz. Admittedly, some look a tad skeptical, and a few even curiously chuckle, when we start espousing on the health benefits of our shoes but we not only know it’s true, we walk the talk everyday. Here are the three main reasons why. First, Pluggz are “grounding”, our core good for your body differentiator; next they are bio-mechanically constructed for support and lasting comfort; and finally, they make us feel pretty. A trifecta win you could say.

About Grounding

Grounding is not about faith healing or spiritual healing or what some might call woo-woo, crunchy granola or a snake oil remedy. You don't have to 'believe' in it for it to work. It has nothing to do with 'sending' energy. Nor is it a 'technique.' Rather, it's about reconnecting directly with something that’s been around since the beginning of time – the ground and the natural energy stored within it (these are called electrons). It’s science, nature and natural.
The expression has been around for years. A colloquial phrase for getting real, being grounded means coming back down to Earth, getting centered and reconnecting with what’s really important in life. For those of us who associate being grounded with house arrest for blowing off curfew, or breaking another parental rule, change your outlook and focus on the benefits you received when you were forced to take a time-out. When you are grounded, you are aware of what’s happening in the moment. You can breathe easier, feel calmness and recharge effortlessly. You de-stress, detox, focus and find clarity. Get grounded and you’re on your way to restoring and replenishing your health, mentally, physically and emotionally.
You used to have to go barefoot to get grounded. Sole to soil contact enables the revitalizing natural energy of the earth to naturally recharge the energy in our bodies. But our modern-day lifestyles – and most of the shoes we wear – have created a barrier and insulate us from this bountiful resource with compromising health consequences. Until Pluggz walked into our lives.
Pluggz have a proprietarily formulated carbon and rubber plug embedded in the sole of each shoe which enables you to reconnect and get grounded when you walk directly on the earth – that’s grass, sand, soil, bricks and stones and yes, concrete sidewalks, too (concrete is just reconstituted sand and water and is naturally conducive). So instead of taking your shoes off outside, you can “heal when you heel with Pluggz.” May sound a bit corny but that little mantra embodies the life changing benefits of our shoes!

Our Comfort Construction:

To have a “good for your body” shoe that was not only comfortable, but also engineered correctly to support one’s posture and stance, were priorities for us. We worked with foot specialists and medical professionals in the design and construction to assure that they all have real-life features that result in these benefits.
Every pair of Pluggz has what we call a “Trampoline heel”. This custom design supports a normal walking gait – the way we were born to walk – which is why you can stand on your feet all day long and be comfortable, and even become more energized when walking on the ground. In addition all Pluggz have arches and heels padded with memory foam which adds cushioning and makes them extra comfy for long wear.

Feeling pretty:

No matter how many years we’ve logged on, we’ve gotten smarter as we’ve gotten older. And many these days are tuning in to the priorities of well-being at a much younger ripe age. Forget the gravity-defying stiletto heels that make us soar into a party of admirers. Most of us simply won’t tolerate uncomfortable shoes anymore even if they look fabulous (or at least for very long before they get kicked off under the table). The “Comfort” category has grown tremendously for this reason.
But fabulous doesn’t have to mean aching feet and comfort doesn’t have to mean frumpy or dowdy. We don’t want to trade looking great for stepping out in what are often called “sensible” shoes. We want our feet to look as good as they feel so we’ve worked very hard to make our shoes with a very flattering silhouette; in shoe talk that applies to the design and cut of the shoe’s overall styling. A fraction of an inch or two up top can make a huge difference in how a shoe makes our feet and legs look. We believe feeling pretty is without a doubt a wellness benefit and Pluggz look adorable on younger and older feet alike.