Better Health Through Grounding - in Summary
We're excited about the upcoming publishing of Barefoot Wisdom, Better Health Through Grounding. It just went up on Amazon for pre-sale (a link is below) and we are thrilled to learn our wonderful publisher, Schiffer Publishing, has already gotten a terrific response.
Simply put, Barefoot Wisdom is about nurturing human potential and well-being through grounding. Acknowledged by many health & wellness advocates, and passionate aficionados, getting grounded is one of the best and easiest ways to de-stress, increase vitality and reduce the inflammation that's behind a host of not only conditions, but also, chronic ailments prevalent today.
Our book is designed to give you the inside – and outside – dirt on getting grounded, sharing in an easy-to-read narrative, the hows, whys and ways to get centered and reconnect with a naturally healing energy resource that's available to everyone, every day, everywhere. And this nature bound treasure is FREE. It's full of engaging real-life stories and a great deal of science, however, in easy to digest, accessible language. It also features interviews with doctors and medical professionals who wholeheartedly engage in the healing power of grounding. We wanted to include their views as they add even more heft to this book.
It's our intention that the insights, inspiring quotations and information about the importance of being grounded for better wellbeing – emotionally, mentally and physically – enrich our book's value to you and to the many others who may be dealing with an onslaught of stress-related illnesses that can be lessened with all that is covered. It's straightforward and a go-to resource as well and doubles as a primer that serves as a thoughtful gift, too.
Barefoot Wisdom was written along with a dear friend and fellow seeker on the path, Ann Marie Chiasson MD, an integrative family physician, who is also Co-Director of the Fellowship in Integrative Medicine and Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Arizona's Center for Integrative Medicine.
We just received news that Barefoot Wisdom has arrived and look forward to sharing it with you.

Sharon Whiteley
Founder, pluggz