pluggz Testimonials


"I bought my Suede Wedges the first morning of Longevity Now conference 2018 in Anaheim Hilton. The first day I wore them with orthotics. The second day and now two weeks later I am still wearing them without the orthotics. I have no pain. I love pluggz. Thanks to the LN sales force at the conference. I also thank myself for having the wisdom to get them at the beginning and try them out. P.S.: I figured since David Avocado Wolfe sanctioned Pluggz presence at the conference, the shoes must be special. They are. I had never heard about them before. Wolfe appears barefoot on the stage. He probably needs a pair..."
~ M.C., Long Beach, CA
“It was nice meeting you at the Junior League Holiday Mart on Sunday. I just want to report that I’m loving my red shoes and using the Spritz spray on my toes and putting the small cloths in my shoes—hopefully that toe nail fungus will be gone forever! I wore my shoes all day standing while at work yesterday—which is unheard of since my foot surgery in May. I had taken my Nike Free Runs along just in case I needed to change but didn’t have to! Thankfully my “volunteer job” will be over soon and I can wear the shoes just for fun! Warm regards,"
~ R.H., Highlands Ranch, CO
“Hi - I just wanted to say that I love the Pluggz shoes. Finally grounding shoes that are stylish for women! I never used any of the others I bought because they didn’t look feminine at all. And I can definitely feel the wonderful positive (well actually negative) charge coming through from the Earth as I wear them (with special grounding socks), I literally feel charged up and find that I even walk faster! The ballet fold-ups are SO comfortable and mold to your foot perfectly. Great stuff. Keep doing what you do. Many thanks!"
~ Eve L., Social Worker, - London Borough of Camden
“Oh my gosh I am OBSESSED with these shoes!!! They just arrived and are so insanely comfortable!! I'm so thrilled at how amazing they feel! Now I'm eyeing those gray loafers…(I might have to put them on my Christmas list!)"
~ Elizabeth P. - Richmond, VA
“Love, love, love your shoes - wore my black flats all over Europe with no foot pain! I will be back. Thanks,"
~ Beth J., Lafayette, CO
“My first impression was that the pluggz were cute but might be too dainty for everyday use. After only a few wearings, they stretched just enough to become my first choice shoe for comfort and were suitable for almost every activity, from dancing to walking in the rain. With almost daily wear, they held up well for more than 2 years with almost no upkeep. I plan to make them my primary shoe for the rest of my life."
~ Judy .K, Cabin John, MD
“To all whom this may concern; Recently I acquired my first few pairs of the Pluggz ballet shoes. I am a shoe aficionado and also have been challenged with a number of foot surgeries. I like nice fashionable shoes and really need the serious comfort. Well, not only do the Pluggz meet desires mentioned above but a whole lot more. Copper bracelets, magnets, eye exposure to sunlight for vitamin D, etc. are only a few important natural related facts we need to consider and pay attention to for our health and wellbeing. I want to be careful because I not a doctor, but to the owners of Pluggz I say this: They are exactly what you say they are and even more. I have worn them on concrete working on my feet 12 hours a day for 13 days straight. My back does not hurt, I have gotten my posture back, and most of all I feel wonderful. Not tired and spirits lifted. If anyone wants to know more please ask. For any retailer they should know people will buy more than one pair of these shoes once they wear them. I guarantee that. Sincerely, A sold client"
~ Paula D., Atlanta, GA
“I LOVE my Pluggz and I tell EVERYBODY about them :)"
~ Karen L., Bermuda Dunes, CA
“I got the shoes and I love them. To be honest I got a pair of Juil's flats too but the pluggz are more comfy and lasts me the whole day walking in the city (I work in Manhattan). So a really good and comfy pair makes my day. I feel relaxed and energized when I’m wearing them. Thank you so much again! More power to you guys! XXX"
~ Kathrina G., Manhattan, NY
“Thank you! They just delivered them and I LOVE them!"
~ Ida S., Powell Butte, OR
“I have a pair of pluggz ballet flats in the brown suede and I love them so much. My feet are truly happy in them – no aches or pains. If I could, I’d wear them every day.”
~ Kathleen - Oklahoma City, OK
“My pluggz arrived yesterday and they fit perfectly! I wore them the entire day and managed being on my feet without normally achy legs aching. Now that’s a first. Please keep me posted on all your new shoes. I will be a lifelong customer.”
~ Miriam - White Plains, NY
"Ever since I got my Pluggz, they are the only shoes I want to wear. I LOVE these shoes...I already have 2 pairs and my 3rd is on the way. Your customer service is also awesome...Pluggz is definitely a company I want to buy from again and again."
~ Heather - Charleston, SC
“I love your earthing shoes! And I have put a 5 star review on your page. I have ordered two pairs of these, and I can use two pairs because we live in two locations – in Hawaii and in Los Angeles, so one in each closet at all times. Thank you for making these shoes.”
~ Clare - Honolulu, HI
“It turns out that I love my Pluggz ballets, which quite frankly, I wasn’t sure I would because I live in a place where I can go barefoot a lot and also wear sandals almost every day. But they are light, super comfortable and they make me feel good. I also love the way some heels have been built in these ballet shoes. Makes me feel more feminine, dare I say sexy.”
~ Lydia - Boca Raton, FL
“Seriously, consider how hard it is to walk in flip flops across miles of hot asphalt parking lot, which I have to do every day — not so when wearing Pluggz. My feet and legs felt completely energized even when the rest of me was melting into oblivion. It took a little getting used to - the black "plug" in the center of the sole felt a bit strange at first, but after walking in the flip flops for several blocks my feet and legs felt great!”
~ Michelle - Phoenix, AZ
“I love my PLUGGZ! I've never been comfortable wearing "flip-flops" but I didn't take these off all summer. They were the most comfortable shoe and I know I felt energized whenever I wore them."
~ Deb - Tucson, AZ
“Every gal who is on her toes style-wise should own a pair, whether she “dances” or not.”
~ Ellen - Lake Forest, IL
“Been LOVING my pluggz! I actually took one of the pairs on my recent trip to Spain....they were wonderful!”
~ Athena - Palm Beach, FL
Pluggz are quite simply amazing shoes! They are not only good to look at, but they are also VERY, VERY comfortable. It’s hard to find shoes that feel so good that don’t look dowdy or like I am ready to go hiking. The best thing about them though is that they are good for my body. Can’t beat that. Keep on making neat shoes. We need them.”
~ Liana - Dallas, TX
“This is my 2nd order, these flip flops ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
~ Jennifer - Miami, FL
“The shoes are indeed a pleasure to walk in. There is truth in advertising. Keep up the great work and keep making great looking shoes.”
~ Helene - Little Rock, AR
“I’m a spa junkie. Just read that Spa Finder says Earthing is the #3 trend this year. Then I came across your shoes. How cool was that? I can now see why it’s a big deal. Makes a lot of sense to me and I love the way they look, very cute on. And they make me look younger than I really am – a bonus.”
~ Beth - New York City, NY
“I love these for when I’m at the gym. They’re really comfortable and they feel amazing on my feet.”
~ Larry - San Francisco, CA
“I had the opportunity to try out a pair of pluggz flip-flops myself, and it’s unlike any footwear I’ve put on before. The difference was immediately noticeable, as the pair gave my feet the sensation as if they were bare. The little bump right at the middle of the flip flops took me a bit of time to get used to, but when I eventually did, it became my default pair of flip-flops. And – it works great with the hot, dry weather of a New Mexico summer.”
~ Ernesto - Santa Fe, NM
“I just tried your cute ballet flats and love how stylish and comfortable they are. They make my legs look great.”
~ Tina - Cambridge, MA
Pluggz are great for the style-conscious soul. Bravo! Finally somebody did it right and gets we want to look good while feeling good. The grounding part is new to me, but I get nature and it all makes a lot of sense. Thank you for making these shoes.”
~ Lori - Ardmore, PA
“Ok I admit, I was a skeptic. When I read that the black plugs in your shoes "create electrical contact between you and the earth" and there is a healthy payoff, I said to myself, really? But I thought they were very cute so that alone made me buy them. You guys delivered on the payoff. I actually did feel more balanced, calmer and had fewer aches and pains after standing on my feet all day. And I felt energized too. The best part is, they look cool.”
~ Rasha - Chicago, IL
“They are a LOT more comfortable than a regular old pair of cheap flip flops! These are quality ones and I felt a difference right away.”
~ Maggy - Dover, NH
“The possibility of grounding aside, your pluggz shoe looks and feels terrific, while I’m dashing from one meeting to the next. Very trendy flats, I know that either way I’d get “a charge” out of your shoes- and I did.”
~ Stacy - Avon, CT
“They’re almost as great as being naked!”
~ Inez - San Antonio, TX
“They are the most comfortable flip flops I’ve ever owned. I feel energized when I wear them and have even worn them on long walks and outings. I felt the plug but it actually felt sort of like a foot massage when I walked on concrete. The arch mound is something you don’t find in cool flip flops, like Havianas. Yours are a very simple style which actually makes them sort of chic. I wear mine all the time now!”
~ Bethany - Portland, OR
“I can say that I was comfortable, calm and peaceful the whole week I wore them on vacation. Made my time off even more relaxing and I looked damn good.”
~ Mary - Atlanta, GA
“I love the men’s rubber brown flip flops, which were unexpectedly comfortable for long treks. So what about us guys? Any shoes coming for us – and some for my kids, too? Please keep me posted if you make these in the future. Love to get my whole family grounded.”
~ Kevin - Santa Monica, CA